2010 IVCA Awards Update – Voting Process Update

2010 IVCA Awards Update – Voting Process Update

August 4, 2010

The nominating period for 2010 IVCA Awards ended on July 15th with an overwhelming response to our request for nominations.

IVCA has been working with nominating individuals to finalize the Nomination Forms and that process is now complete. We are now beginning the voting process which is detailed below. The 2010 Award winners will be announced in the September 1st newsletter.

Voting Process:

"Voting Panel" is comprised of all IVCA Board Members plus prior IVCA Award recipients (53 individuals in 2010).

Each Voting Panelist will receive a bound copy of all (complete & accepted) Nomination Forms in a "Voting Packet". These Voting Packets will also be available to the Voting Panel online.

With the Voting Packet, each panelist will receive a ballot. The ballot will list all of the nominees for each award. Each Panelist will be given 30 points per award category (30 points for Golder, 30 points for Daley, 30 points for Fellows and 30 points for Portfolio Company of the Year).

After reviewing the Voting Packet, Panelists first, decide if ANY of the nominated candidates in each award category are award worthy. If not, answer "no". S/he will skip to the next award category.

If at least one nominee is an appropriate choice for the award, the Panelist may allocate 30 points between no more than 3 candidates. The recipient for each award will be based on the total points allocated to that person across all Panelists voting in that award category.

So if there is only one clear candidate in a Panelists' mind, s/he might allocate 30 points to that person. If there are 3 good candidates s/he might choose to allocate the 30 points between them based on any ranking method; evenly at 10 each or more to one and fewer to the other one or two.

Once the nominees are ranked by points from the entire Voting Panel, the top three candidates' Nomination Forms will be researched for accuracy. (This is especially important for the Portfolio Company of the Year Award where return information is a key selection criteria.) It is critical to IVCA that the Awards be based on verifiable information so if any information provided in the nomination proves to be inaccurate or misstated, the Award may be withheld.

Voting Results:

We will share the results of voting with the Voting Panel on a conference call which will be scheduled at the end of August. Members who submitted nominees will be notified, as will the recipients, immediately after that call. The recipients will be announced via the IVCA Newsletter on Wednesday, September 1st.