IVCA-PAC's Successful 2010 Campaign Closes

IVCA-PAC's Successful 2010 Campaign Closes

March 16, 2011

In the face of a quickly changing regulatory environment, members recognized the importance of maintaining a voice strong on business issues in Springfield. IVCA investor members once again contributed generously to the IVCA-PAC exceeding the fundraising goal of $75,000 by $4,000 - “ a new record.

The replenished IVCA-PAC will continue to strategically support on a bi-partisan basis elected officials and candidates for the state legislature who are supportive of increasing private equity and venture capital investing in Illinois and who have demonstrated an interest in our industry. With these contributions the PAC helps IVCA build relationships with elected officials and inform them about legislative issues of concern to our members.

IVCA-PAC will continue to deliver contributions to candidates personally - “either at fundraisers or through meetings with legislators. These small meetings, primarily lunches which include a legislator or two and several IVCA members, allow us to discuss in detail the industry and issues that concern us and to hear the legislator's perspective on current issues and how they might impact us. To see a list of legislators we have met click here. The 2011 lunch series will begin soon and we welcome member participation!

IVCA-PAC has been effective in supporting appropriate candidates and in building a wide network of legislators who are knowledgeable about and engaged in building private equity and venture capital investments in Illinois. This relationship building and educational effort will be strengthened this year as a result of our most recent successful PAC fundraising campaign.