2016 Corporate-Startup Challenge: Do you have any Portfolio Companies that fit USG Corporation’s Early-Stage Interest?

2016 Corporate-Startup Challenge: Do you have any Portfolio Companies that fit USG Corporation’s Early-Stage Interest?

June 22, 2016

USG Opportunity Areas Corporate-Startup Challenge: Class 5

The Illinois Corporate-Startup Challenge is currently scouting early-stage companies for partnership opportunities with USG Corporation (partnerships can include contracts, investments, strategic partnerships, and more). Please review all of USG’s technology interest areas below, and email us suggestions of companies in your network that might be a good fit. Feel free to refer any companies that don’t align with the areas below but still have a compelling use case for a building materials/construction company.

For each referral, please provide the company name, point of contact, and email address. You can send referrals (or any questions) to [email protected].  We are hoping to finalize all referrals by Friday 7/1.

Construction and Building Technologies
  • Any technologies relevant to the construction space: next-generation building materials, products, and solutions
  • Acoustic technologies for noise control or cancellation and reducing sound transmission, room-to-room (physical or software-based solutions)
  • Technologies that improve building fire resistance performance
  • Products, systems, or services to improve indoor or outdoor air quality, with focuson removing pollution and avoiding product emissions
  • Surface-based technologies applicable to building construction (e.g. IoT/sensor products that leverage surface area in new ways)
Industrial Technologies
  • Wearable technologies with industrial focus (e.g. maintenance & repair, safety, worker productivity, building design)
  • Products/platforms/systems that reduce complexity, time or cost and/or direct labor in building construction for new or repair-and-remodel processes
  • Tools that combine internal retail data with external commercial/residential data to deliver "smart" insights (advanced forecasting, demand prediction, predictive analytics, etc.)
  • Innovative product catalog and knowledge management platforms: centralizing product information, installation guides/assistance, technical support, and purchasing options for construction products (focus on mobile)
  • Digital tools to assist contractors and distributors on construction jobsite in real- time (product support, driving repeat purchase behavior and incentives, etc.)
  • Innovative mobile/web/UX-UI development companies that build custom enterprise applications (need confirmation from USG)
  • Any innovative technology from outside industries that could be applied or integrated to the construction/remodeling/building solutions space
  • New products and systems developed for the "built environment" with a focus on solutions for space management and re-configuration (i.e. micro-apartments, multi- use spaces, alternative residences, etc.)