Write your Legislators! Action (Still) Needed to oppose "Privilege Tax"

Write your legislators!  Action (Still) Needed to oppose "Privilege Tax"

March 14, 2018

A companion to HB 4293 was introduced Friday by Senator Daniel Biss. SB 3189 is the latest version of legislation to impose a 20% tax on capital gains income earned by investment managers.

Though the Senate bill has not yet been assigned to a committee, the House bill has been assigned to House Committee on Revenue and Finance.

To oppose the House Bill:

The good news is that 135 witness slips have been submitted against HB4293.   Let's make it 200!

Witness slip instructions:

  • Section I. Identification:
  • You must complete:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Firm/Business or Agency - list your firm or just type “NA"
    • Title
    • Email
    • Phone
    • City
  • Section II. Representation – no need to complete this section or you may type "Self"
  • Section III. Position - click on "Opponent"
  • Section IV. Testimony - click on "Record of Appearance Only"
  • Click box to "Agree to terms of ILGA Terms of Agreement" and Submit

To oppose the Senate Bill:

First, contact the senator where you live and let them know your opposition to any legislation implementing this tax.

  • Find your legislator here.
  • Find contact info for your legislator and sample email on the IVCA home page here.

Then, we recommend the following:
Please contact these senators and thank them for their previous support of the IVCA position in opposition to the privilege tax and ask them to continue to oppose this unwise legislation.

Senator Julie A. Morrison [email protected]
Senator Steven Landek [email protected]
Senator Thomas Cullerton [email protected]

We also encourage you to reach out to the following senators who may be open to learning more about the negative impacts of this legislation.

Senator Don Harmon [email protected]
Senator Elgie R. Sims [email protected]
Senator Heather A. Steans [email protected]
Senator John J. Cullerton [email protected]
Senator Melinda Bush [email protected]