IVCA Welcomes First Trust Capital Partners as New Member

IVCA Welcomes First Trust Capital Partners as New Member

August 1, 2007

CHICAGO - “ The IVCA welcomes its newest member, First Trust Capital Partners, and its representatives: Don Fuller (vice president) and Patrick Woelfel (COO).

First Trust Capital Partners (FTCP) began operations in 2007 as a successor to First Trust Portfolio's private equity division. FTCP's objective is to build a portfolio of investments in private businesses and deliver successful, long-term investment performance.

The firm maintains flexibility in considering capital needs, stages of development and investment rounds.

FTCP is an - œopportunistic-  investor that is interested in businesses across sectors and industries. It seeks to add value beyond capital and is particularly attracted to businesses involved in the financial services sector where it can be both a financial and strategic partner.

The firm strives to integrate individualization, flexibility, entrepreneurialism and prudence in considering each investment opportunity. FTCP endeavors to represent a meaningful ownership stake in each business and seeks board participation consistent with its level of equity interest.

FTCP strives to align interests with company management and investors. FTCP employs a - œclass versus mass-  approach to create individual private equity investment opportunities. The firm focuses on the success of each individual investment versus managing a fund.