iBIO Institute Seeks IVCA Members For PROPEL Panels

iBIO Institute Seeks IVCA Members For PROPEL Panels

August 29, 2007

CHICAGO - “ iBIO® PROPEL(sm) is a series of programs aimed at increasing the number of life sciences start-ups in Illinois and boosting the survival rates of existing companies.

PROPEL drives development of new life sciences companies by providing entrepreneurs with access to specialized resources and expertise.

The core PROPEL program helps life sciences entrepreneurs refine their business strategies through one-on-one and group coaching led by accomplished business professionals and serial entrepreneurs.

Coaching culminates in a presentation by the entrepreneur of his or her refined business model/financial strategy to a customized group of experts in domain, business development, marketing, finance, investment and law who provide critique and feedback.

Click here to read the most recent PROPEL program update.

Call to Action For IVCA Members

The iBIO Institute is looking for IVCA members to serve on PROPEL panels.

Volunteer panelists provide feedback to entrepreneurs on their businesses and presentations from an investment perspective. The time commitment per panel is two hours. All panels will be held at locations in downtown Chicago. The institute expects to hold six to 10 panels over the next year.

The institute is also seeking investors who would be willing to review and provide institute staff with feedback on PROPEL executive summaries.

If you are interested in sitting on a PROPEL panel, would like to review executive summaries or have questions regarding PROPEL, please contact Ann Reed at [email protected] or call 312-422-1111 ext. 3.