IVCA Feature: Seven Online Articles on the Relationship of Government and the VC/PE Industries

IVCA Feature: Seven Online Articles on the Relationship of Government and the VC/PE Industries

June 26, 2019

Chicago recently swore in new mayor Lori Lightfoot, who ran on a progressive and economic equity platform. Whenever a new government administration collides with investor developmental priorities in a major metropolis, the funders – especially in the VC/PE industries – are bound to take note. But also, what is the current climate in the relationship between government and VC/PE? The IVCA searched the web for pertinent articles about Lightfoot’s new policies, as well as perspective on the interactions between major investing and government priorities.

ChicagoBusiness.com, Crains: ‘Asked & Answered: Lori Lightfoot’

In this article from February, then-candidate Lightfoot projects her economic plans: “Crain's asked the candidates running for mayor in 2019 about pensions, ethics, jobs, education and more.”

READ MORE: https://www.chicagobusiness.com/government/asked-answered-lori-lightfoot


ChicagoBusiness.com, Crains: ‘Chicago Mayor Elect Lori Lightfoot Names Top Financial Team’

From May: “Mayor Lori Lightfoot is bringing a pair of veteran government financial officials –one who worked on crisis management for New York City after 9/11 and Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina – to head her financial team.”

READ MORE: https://www.chicagobusiness.com/greg-hinz-politics/lightfoot-reveals-more-top-picks-city-hall-team


AmericanInno.com, ChicagoInno: ‘How Will Chicago’s New Mayor Lori Lightfoot Approach Tech’

From April: “As Lori Lightfoot gears up to take over as Chicago’s mayor in May, many in the city’s tech and startup community are anxiously waiting to see how she addresses their growing industry ... she’s been mum on what exactly her tech agenda might look like.”

READ MORE: https://www.americaninno.com/chicago/inno-insights-chicago/how-will-chicagos-new-mayor-lori-lightfoot-approach-tech/


AmericanAffairsJournal.com, ‘Building the Venture Capital State’

An academic take, published in 2018: The true story [of Silicon Valley], in which the state was a lead protagonist, is more complicated than the libertarian interpretation that has become commonplace ...  The world’s leading venture capital markets did not spring forth fully formed from the invisible hand; rather, they are the product of “venture capital states” acting in accordance with their local context.

READ MORE:  https://americanaffairsjournal.org/2018/08/building-the-venture-capital-state/


Vox.com, ’Silicon Valley is Awash in Chinese and Saudi Cash – And No One is Paying Attention (Except Trump)’

Accepting start-up funding from anti-humanist governments: “... the rise of foreign money has turned Silicon Valley into a geopolitical minefield for venture capitalists and startups, requiring American startups to make judgment calls and react to crosscurrents that would’ve been strange to the industry decades ago.”

READ MORE: https://www.vox.com/recode/2019/5/1/18511540/silicon-valley-foreign-money-china-saudi-arabia-cfius-firrma-geopolitics-venture-capital


EY.com, ‘As Washington Makes Noise About Regulatory Easing, What Can PE Firms Expect?’

Private equity (PE) faces a complicated political and regulatory landscape – defined by the tension between two key trends: the prospect of coming deregulation, and the rise of anti-globalist sentiment across the developed world.

READ MORE: https://www.ey.com/en_gl/trust/should-private-equity-firms-prepare-for-more-or-less-regulation


And lest we forget, there is a newly elected VC advocate in the governor’s office ...

ChicagoBusiness.com, Crains: ‘Biz Community’s Memo to Gov.-Elect Pritzker: Stability, Please’

Chicagoland business leadership weighs in: “The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce ... is rolling out the welcome mat for Pritzker, a Venture Capitalist whose fortune underpinned his successful campaign. Jack Lavin, the chamber’s CEO, knows Pritzker. When Lavin was director of the state’s Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, they fashioned a public-private partnership to launch the Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center, the progenitor of tech incubator 1871, a decade ago.”


READ MORE: https://www.chicagobusiness.com/government/biz-communitys-memo-gov-elect-pritzker-stability-please