IVCA Feature: The Year 2019 So Far in Venture Capital and Private Equity in Eight Online Articles

IVCA Feature: The Year 2019 So Far in Venture Capital and Private Equity in Eight Online Articles

August 7, 2019

The Venture Capital and Private Equity industries are heading into the 4th quarter on pace for another record setting year. So what are the trends and the numbers projecting? The financial press has been monitoring results so far in 2019, and the IVCA has collected eight of those articles for quick reference.

Pitchbook.com, ‘21 Charts Showing Current Trends in U.S. Venture Capital’

The latest PitchBook-NVCA Venture Monitor ... takes a deep dive into other trends in the U.S. Venture Capital industry ... It includes a spotlight on the growing healthtech sector, investment trends for female-founded companies and how fundraising might bounce back as exit gains flow back to LPs.

READ MORE: https://pitchbook.com/news/articles/21-charts-showing-current-trends-in-us-venture-capital


PWC.com, ‘Competition for Large Assets Makes MegaDeals Even Bigger’

Private Equity report based on 2019 Q2 numbers: “After the pursuit of high-dollar M&A trailed off at the end of 2018, it has accelerated in 2019. Both the number of megadeals – transactions of at least $5 billion – and overall US deal value in the first half of this year far outpaced the previous two quarters, according to a PwC analysis of Refinitiv data.”

READ MORE: https://www.pwc.com/us/en/services/deals/industry-insights.html


Crunchbase.com ‘Global Venture Capital Report: A Market Gone Sideways’

Global Venture Capital report based on 2019 Q2 numbers: “For the global venture capital market, Q2 2019 breaks one trend and makes another. Using data and projections from Crunchbase, this report from dives deep into the state of the global venture capital ecosystem.

READ MORE: https://news.crunchbase.com/news/the-q2-2019-global-venture-capital-report-a-market-gone-sideways/


Reuters.com, ‘Leverage Buyouts Stack Up Bifurcated Loan Pipeline’

A deeper dive from an article on 7/31/19: New loan issuance in the last two weeks has spiked thanks in part to Private Equity-backed acquisition financings, which are keeping investors busy at a time of year when the market typically takes a step back for summer.

READ MORE:  https://www.reuters.com/article/lbo-pipeline/leveraged-buyouts-stack-up-bifurcated-loan-pipeline-idUSL2N24W129


ListenNotes.com Podcast, ’The State of Fintech in 2019’

Notes on Fintech from two investors: The biggest opportunities in fintech today. How traditional finance can be rebuilt from the ground up using software. How to think about different market segments in fintech. Their requests for startups in the space.

LISTEN HERE: https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/venture-stories/the-state-of-fintech-in-2019-PioxhjeU_RA/


BDO.com, ‘Private Equity PErspectives Podcast’

Episodic topics on current 2019 PE trends: “The Private Equity PErspectives podcast serves as a forum for private equity dealmakers to discuss navigating today’s dynamic investment environment, while preparing for challenges and opportunities on the horizon.”

LISTEN HERE: https://www.bdo.com/private-equity-perspective-podcast


Forbes.com: ‘Why the Midwest Drives Top Venture Returns’

To get an actionable — not to mention less daunting — perspective of (the Midwest’s) performance, we must look beyond and across all of the country’s innovation communities.

READ MORE: https://www.forbes.com/sites/peterandrewwilkins/2019/05/16/why-the-midwest-is-among-the-best-places-for-venture-investment


Xconomy.com: ‘Why Investors Are Turning to the Midwest – and How to Keep Them Coming’

As the nation transitions toward becoming a global service economy, based on technological entrepreneurship, there is a trend toward opportunities for startups in the Midwest .... to turn locally developed entrepreneurial enterprises into national and global success stories.

READ MORE: https://xconomy.com/detroit-ann-arbor/2019/05/10/why-investors-are-turning-to-the-midwest-and-how-to-keep-them-coming/