IVCA Feature: Public Relations, Marketing and Social Media for VC and PE – Eight Online Points of View

IVCA Feature: Public Relations, Marketing and Social Media for VC and PE – Eight Online Points of View

August 21, 2019

Despite the many assets and investments the Venture Capital and Private Equity industries have provided for the U.S. and global economies, there is sometimes still a perception gap in what those accomplishments are. In addition, marketing a VC and PE brand can produce better perceptions of expertise for funding purposes. Many VC and PE firms have been retaining PR/marketing companies and Social Media consultants to broaden their profile both in the public, political and fund raising sphere. The IVCA has collected eight online articles regarding this topic, and their content.


Axial.net, ‘Does Your PE Firm Need a PR Agency?’

Whether or not the industry’s portrayal is fair and merited is beside the point. The reality is that regular (and often negative) media coverage is a new normal that needs to be accounted for. Many dealmakers have read these stories and likely asked themselves: “Should I hire a public relations agency to protect my reputation?.”

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ODweryPR.com, ‘Venture Capital and Public Relations: A Perfect Union’

Over the past three years, venture capital firms have recognized an increasing need for marketing and PR. In 2014, an East coast team became the first venture firm in Boston to hire a Director of Platform. A Platform in venture capital is when investors offer resources to entrepreneurs beyond money and their partner’s time and expertise. Directors of Platform oversee strategic internal and external initiatives like marketing and design to support portfolio companies and the local startup community.

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SparkPR.com ‘Why the TIme Has Come to Market a VC Firm with Purpose’

Moving from a newbie firm to an industry-renowned unicorn-maker backing companies that can change the world while successfully telling your story also takes goal-setting, strategy, and well-executed tactics. And being good citizens. Here we expand upon three major ways to evaluate the “whys” behind telling your story to market a VC firm.

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AgilityPR.com, ‘Why Brand Building is Now Crucial for Private Equity Firms’

Developing a strong private equity brand is essential for fundraising, deal sourcing and recruiting, and to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, 42 percent of private equity firms are taking steps to increase their visibility—and 58 percent are increasing their marketing budgets. according to a new study by financial services communications agency BackBay Communications and capital markets financial data firm PitchBook.

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Crunchbase.com, ’Why Venture Capitalists Need a Content Marketing Strategy’

Gaining trust and building relationships with startups is now critical for investors. Content marketing is one strategy that can help venture capitalists demonstrate their expertise and build their credibility not only with startups but also with the media and other co-investors.

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Hedgeweek.com, ‘Investors Shift Focus to Social Media Analysis During Hedge Fund and Private Equity Background Investigations’

Almost two-thirds (62 per cent) of hedge fund and private equity investors have, within the last year, begun to search social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram as part of the pre-investment background investigation process. ”

READ MORE: https://www.hedgeweek.com/2019/08/14/278000/investors-shift-focus-social-media-analysis-during-hedge-fund-and-private-equity


UseJournal.com: ‘How VC’s Should Execute Content Marketing: A Step-By-Step Guide’

From big names to brand new firms, former CEOs to career investors, everyone in venture capital seems hot to publish. In this article, I provide an in-depth analysis on a venture capitalfirm that has a best-in-class content marketing strategy.

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LinkedIn.com: ‘Private Equity Pros Need Social Media More Than Ever to Stand Out from the Crowd’

We all know the world is increasingly networked and connected. And businesses realize the importance of using compelling content to attract clients and opportunities. Yet business development pros working in PE have been slower adopters of social media marketing. Despite what traditional deal professionals may believe, social media enables private equity firms to more efficiently generate a steady flow of investment opportunities.

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