Join the Cool Kids and Host an IVCA Scholar!

Join the Cool Kids and Host an IVCA Scholar!

October 2, 2019

In 2019 the following firms hosted an IVCA Scholar. Join them in 2020!

50 South Capital
Growth Catalyst Partners
Hyde Park Venture Partners
OCA Ventures
Prairie Capital
Pritzker Group
Sandbox Industries
Sterling Partners
The Vistria Group
Wind Point Partners

The goal of the IVCA Scholar Program is to identify and encourage promising women and diverse college students to consider private company investing as a possible career.  Through this program and other initiatives, IVCA hopes to help increase the talent pool of qualified women and persons of color candidates for our industry.

Students will work at a venture capital or private equity firm for this 10-week paid internship.  At the beginning of the summer, students will participate in a three-day orientation program – run by IVCA – designed to help them learn the basics before they start work.  In addition, IVCA will organize weekly, half-day outings throughout the summer to help the Scholars understand the breadth and depth of careers in venture and private equity.


  • Students will receive $10,000 for their 10-week internship. 
  • Up to 65% paid by IVCA Scholar Fund; 35% paid by the hiring firm.  Firms able to pick up the majority or full cost are encouraged to do so.

Internship Details:

  • Internships will be 10 weeks in duration beginning June 15th, 2020 and ending August 21st, 2020.  Firms will schedule specific weeks and work hours with the student.
  • Interns will be expected to participate in all IVCA-organized coaching/training, career development events and visits to participating firms during the summer internship.
  • Intern will work at a venture capital or private equity firm and responsibilities will vary by student experience and firm requirements.
  • No housing or transportation will be provided.
  • Interns will be expected to deliver a speech near the end of the program sharing key learnings and experiences from the summer.

NOTE: This is not a hiring track internship.

Here’s what IVCA Scholars worked on last year:

Deal Sourcing

  • by looking through previous companies that CFO candidate had worked
  • pre-diligence decks
  • reading through the confidential information memorandums (CIMS). After reading through these CIMs and taking notes on what I had read, it was my job to form initial opinions about these companies and see if they would be a good fit for fund
  • Helped create a system to organize information from investment bankers and lender books.
  • Sourced and recorded potential conferences and events for the partners to attend.

Market Research/Diligence

  • Trends and a competitive landscape for potential investment opportunities in the specific industries
  • Quantify growth opportunities
  • Sourcing a new system to deliver digestible news about the firm and portfolio companies to the deal team.
  • a macroeconomic indicator workbook
  • investment memos
  • statistical valuation pages
  • Diligence processes for add-on acquisitions


  • Populated internal contacts/company database for the use in deal tracking,
  • Developed a due diligence tracker for a new deal, and a
  • Developed lender tracker to organize all the lenders with which we have established relationship
  • Internally auditing CRM platform, Salesforce, so that the external facing tool, Intellimap, could provide external users both accurate and clean information.


  • research on potential investors
  • tracking and recording the progression of communication with LPs
  • Quantitative and qualitative methods for analyzing fund performance.
  • helped to improve the firm’s slide deck which they present to potential investors


  • analyzing and summarizing financial statements
  • a competitive research deck for the use of a portfolio company
  • setting up financial accounts for acquisition companies
  • Pulled the financials of all of our current portfolio companies and displayed them as graphs to lead a discussion amongst the entire firm.


  • Sit in on monthly board meeting calls with portfolio companies, helped format various PowerPoint presentations.
  • Meeting with entrepreneurs pitching companies
  • Monday Morning Meeting in which we discuss and evaluate the current state of companies we have invested in or are seriously considered investing in, along with relevant firm news for the week going forward.
  • Designated minute taker