IVCA Feature: Eight Online Points of View on Fintech for VC and PE Interactions

IVCA Feature: Eight Online Points of View on Fintech for VC and PE Interactions

October 16, 2019

It might be said that Fintech is the key to the inside of the financial universe regarding rapid response international economies. “(Fin)ancial Tech” is constantly evolving and reinventing itself, and the investment opportunities flow within the tide of that innovation. The following are eight online articles for a current perspective on Fintech, for both the Venture Capital and Private Equity industries.

TheFintechTimes.com, ‘How Private Equity Can Drive Fintech Success’

Fintech businesses are raising record amounts of investment; private equity backers bring more than just financial firepower to the table, expertise and experience can make a significant impact.

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FintechGlobal.com, ‘The Rise of Private Equity in FinTech’

With the increased size of deals and FinTech unicorns, more private equity firms are being drawn into the space for investing. Technology adoption across the financial services has still been relatively low, and yet the opportunity is massive.


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BusinessLawToday.org, ‘Growth Private Equity Investment in the Fintech Sector’

Often referred to as the intersection between venture capital and leveraged buyouts, growth private equity investment (“growth equity”) has skyrocketed in recent years and continues to draw the attention of limited partners seeking exposure to emerging technology companies with potentially lower risk profiles than those financed at earlier stages of development.

READ MORE:  https://businesslawtoday.org/2019/04/growth-private-equity-investment-fintech-sector/

AmericanBanker.com, ‘Why Venture Capitalists Love Fintechs’

Fintechs are getting a large infusion of venture capital. In 2018, U.S. fintechs raised almost $12 billion from VC firms, a surge of 120% from 2017. Leading the trend are a handful of startups that have managed to attract millions. As a result, there's an increase too in the number of private equity firms, including those operating on the behalf of large banks, seeking to fund fintechs.

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Forbes.com, ‘10 Key Issues for Fintech Startup Companies’


Investment in financial technology (“Fintech”) companies is growing dramatically. Global Fintech funding has risen to over $100 billion, fueled by large M&A deals and large rounds of financing. Investment in Fintech companies is expected to continue to grow significantly in the next few years as such companies offer outsized growth opportunities.

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Skelia.com, ‘Fintech in 2019: Top 10 Trends… ’

Financial institutions have two ways of applying FinTech solutions to keep up with the competition. They can either choose to partner with FinTech companies or develop their own solutions. Either way, they have to follow the tendencies set by the FinTech industry and the global digitalization. Let’s have a look at this year’s major trends in FinTech to figure out which way to go with your digital financial solutions.

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Wharton Fintech Podcast, ‘Trends Topics and Ideas’
The Wharton FinTech Podcast discusses the trends, topics and ideas that are reshaping financial services globally. It features founders, investors, students and thinkers from the world of FinTech with unique perspectives.

LISTEN TO EPISODES HERE: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/wharton-fintech-podcast 

Capterra.com, ‘Investment Management Software’

A comprehensive listing of Financial Tech software for managing investments in a variety of types and platforms: “Find the best Investment Management Software for your business. Compare product reviews and features to build your list.”

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