IVCA Meets With Congresswoman Melissa Bean on Key Industry Issues

IVCA Meets With Congresswoman Melissa Bean on Key Industry Issues

June 3, 2008

CHICAGO - “ A group of IVCA members met with Congresswoman Melissa Bean on May 29, 2008 at the offices of Thoma Cressey Bravo, Inc.

The Congresswoman requested the meeting to solicit input from the local venture capital and private equity community on several key industry issues currently pending in Congress. Participants included:

  • Carl Thoma and Lee Mitchell from Thoma Cressey Bravo, Inc.
  • Steve Vivian from Prism Capital (also representing NASBIC)
  • Keith Crandell from ARCH Venture Partners
  • Elena Millner from Sterling Partners
  • Penny Cate and Maura O'Hara from the IVCA
  • Mark Heesen from the NVCA

    It was a wide-ranging and frank discussion on potential changes in the taxation of carried interest and capital gains along with SBIR and SBIC issues. Congresswoman Bean has been supportive of the industry on our key SBIC and SBIR issues. She was particularly interested in the group's recommendations for raising additional revenue absent a change in taxation of carried interest and capital gains.


    Participants were very impressed with Congresswoman Bean's knowledge of the industry and business in general, her willingness to engage in open and honest discussion of difficult tax issues and her desire to fully understand an issue by soliciting input from affected constituencies prior to casting a vote on the issue.

    Congresswoman Bean is serving her second term as a U.S. representative to the eighth Congressional district in Illinois. She serves on the House Financial Services Committee and on the House Small Business Committee with jurisdiction over SBIR and SBIC programs.

    The IVCA encourages broad participation from members at informational events like these. If you are interested in attending legislator meetings, contact Penny Cate orMaura O'Hara.