Profile: New IVCA Board of Director Member, Ian Drury of OCA Ventures

Profile: New IVCA Board of Director Member, Ian Drury of OCA Ventures

July 22, 2020

New IVCA Board of Director Member: Ian Drury, Chief Operating Officer/General Partner
Representative Firm: OCA Ventures

IVCA: Tell us a little about your firm and your tenure there.

Ian Drury: OCA Ventures is an early stage Venture Capital film – Seed, Series A, and Series B – focused on equity investments in technology, FinTech and digital health companies with dramatic growth potential. I connected to OCA Ventures in 1998 when we invested in a startup I co-founded, and we survived the internet bubble bursting together. I then joined OCA Ventures as a General Partner in 2013.

IVCA: What made you decide to Join IVCA’s board?

Drury: I have enjoyed attending the IVCA annual awards gala, sponsoring/hosting IVCA Scholars, as well as attending various IVCA webinars and events. The IVCA performs a critical role in shaping the opinions of government officials and the general public regarding our industry, and I wanted to contribute to that cause. In addition, I am strongly aligned with IVCA’s efforts to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in the VC/PE industries.

IVCA: The IVCA’s mission is to support and promote private company investing in the Midwest. Can you talk about your involvement in correcting some of the misperceptions of the PE business model and how it promotes economic growth? Any ideas for how IVCA can do this more effectively?

Drury: I have been fortunate to participate in IVCA Legislative lunches with state representatives on a number of occasions, to help communicate the value of Venture Capital. I have also presented and participated in events at numerous local universities educating students about our business. Given my involvement with incubators and university sponsored tech transfer, I will seek to generate more involvement from our state representatives within our entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

IVCA: The coming months will be difficult as we figure out how to move through the pandemic and expected recession, any thoughts on how VC/PE will fare?

Drury: I think the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting recession will create challenges for many portfolio companies and VC firms in raising money, and will also put downward pressure on valuations. However, I think the environment will also create significant upside opportunities for portfolio companies and VC/PE firms.

IVCA: The IVCA works to share ‘best in class’ operational practices across firms, any thoughts on how that might help firms weather our current storms?

Drury: In the current storm, it is obviously critical for firms to closely monitor and assist their portfolio companies. As was discussed on the IVCA LP panel in May 2020, executing and communicating a recurring, structured and thorough portfolio company risk assessment is a critical operational practice in this environment. 

IVCA: What are you hoping to offer and gain from IVCA Board Participation?

Drury: I plan to offer my time, effort and point of view to help inform the opinions of government officials and the general public regarding Venture Capital. I hope to gain more insight into public funds’ portfolio construction and the political framework impacting our IVCA member firms, and to extend my network.

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