IVCA Welcomes Water Street Healthcare Partners as New Member

IVCA Welcomes Water Street Healthcare Partners as New Member

October 22, 2008

CHICAGO - “ The IVCA welcomes Water Street Healthcare Partners as a new member.

Water Street Healthcare Partners is a Chicago-based private equity firm with an outstanding track record of building market-leading health care companies.

Its focus is on helping growth-oriented management teams identify and evaluate opportunities to dramatically increase the value of their business. By leveraging deep industry knowledge and an extensive network of contacts, the firm helps managers accelerate growth and create companies of substantially greater value.

Water Street Healthcare Partners evaluates investments across the entire health care universe. The firm focuses on developing relationships in segments that are aligned with the experience of the Water Street team.

Water Street focuses primarily on two groups: large corporations that have low-priority business units or subsidiaries and middle-market health care companies where management wants to significantly accelerate growth and value creation.

Since 1998, Water Street has called on and built relationships with many of the leading health care companies across the world.

These relationships are based on an exchange of ideas rather than a focus on transactions. Through these continuing dialogues, Water Street has exceptional access to industry leaders. This results in unique insight into business development ideas and opportunities to build companies of substantial value.

The Water Street approach is proactive. The firm identifies strategic opportunities to build companies of lasting importance and directly engage in dialogue with owners about these opportunities.