IVCA Toolkit Series: Developing an Action Plan to React to the Economic Downturn

IVCA Toolkit Series: Developing an Action Plan to React to the Economic Downturn

January 29, 2009

Feb. 11, 2009
UBS Conference Center
One N. Wacker Dr.
11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.; buffet lunch

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As our economic climate has worsened, we all have a heightened awareness of how quickly macro issues can affect an individual company's bottom line. To thrive in this environment, investors and board members must have a laser focus on the most important indicators of operational performance.

These indicators will allow companies to both identify looming trouble and leverage opportunities for operational improvement. Join Alvarez & Marsal to learn how they work with organizations to solve complex problems, boost operating performance and maximize value for stakeholders.

Specifically, we will review:

Assessing the macro environment
  • Early warning signs
  • Metrics to watch

    Operational performance improvements
  • COS effectiveness
  • SG&A alignment

    Actions from the field: A CFO's perspective
  • Cost alignment and actions (RIFs, etc.)
  • Liquidity management

    During the event, Alvarez & Marsal will share some of the tools it uses to assess and address opportunities to improve. Attendees will leave the event with a better understanding of how to use these tools and existing management reports to identify potential issues and quickly respond.

    This highly interactive session is intended for those investment professionals at private equity firms who serve on portfolio company boards and/or review portfolio financial and operational reports.

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