IVCA-PAC Launches 2009 Member Fundraising Campaign

IVCA-PAC Launches 2009 Member Fundraising Campaign

September 9, 2009

CHICAGO - “ During the month of Sept. 2009, IVCA investor members will be receiving requests from IVCA-PAC Chairman Keith Crandell and IVCA-PAC treasurer Bob Fealy asking for financial support of IVCA-PAC. IVCA-PAC's annual fundraising goal is $75,000 and 100 percent participation from the IVCA's investor members.

The 2009 IVCA-PAC fundraising campaign is necessary to replenish the IVCA-PAC as it continues to make political contributions on a bipartisan basis to candidates for elected office who are supportive of increasing private equity and venture capital investment in Illinois and who have demonstrated an interest in our industry. Through these contributions, the IVCA-PAC helps the IVCA build relationships with elected officials and inform them about important industry issues.

Given recent the recent - œpay-to-play-  prohibitions in Illinois and the desires of our members to avoid even the appearance of impropriety,  a contribution to IVCA-PAC makes great sense. It ensures that you support the legislators who support our industry without any concerns of violating ethical or legal standards.

In most cases, IVCA-PAC contributions are delivered by an IVCA member at a fundraiser or other event. One of our most effective methods of delivering contributions has been at IVCA-PAC-sponsored lunches - “ small meetings with a legislator and 10 or so IVCA members - “ where we are able to discuss at length the industry and our concerns and to hear the legislator's perspective on current issues and how they might impact us.

The operations of the IVCA-PAC and a discussion of its importance as a critical asset to the IVCA's legislative efforts are detailed in the 2008 IVCA-PAC annual report. As the report notes, the IVCA-PAC has been effective in selecting appropriate candidates for support and in starting to build a wide network of legislators who are knowledgeable about and supportive of private equity and venture capital investments in Illinois. Through the continued support of IVCA investor members, IVCA-PAC will continue to strengthen this network and its political voice in Springfield.