Organizational Structure - Illinois Venture Capital Association
Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

IVCA Officers

Officers are elected members of the IVCA Board of Directors who offer their time and expertise to help ensure that the IVCA’s events and services meet the evolving needs of its members.  Our current officers' term expires June 30, 2015.
IVCA Chairman                           Rocco Martino, LaSalle Capital
IVCA Vice Chairman                   Jennifer Steans, Financial Investments Corp.
IVCA Treasurer                           Jeff Piper, Svoboda Capital Partners
IVCA-PAC Co-Chairman             Jim TenBroek, Growth Catalyst Partners
IVCA-PAC Co-Chairman             Walter Florence, Frontenac
IVCA-PAC Vice Chairman           Lee M. Mitchell, Thoma Bravo
IVCA-PAC Vice Chairman           Tony Palcheck, Zebra Ventures
Executive Director                       Maura O'Hara

Board of Directors

Alex Abell - RCP Advisors
Phil Alphonse - The Vistria Group
Ben Daverman - GTCR LLC
Jeff Diehl - Adams Street Partners, LLC
Ian Drury - OCA Ventures
Walter Florence - Frontenac Company
Constance Freedman - Moderne Ventures
Chip Grace - May River Capital
Krista Hatcher - Chicago Pacific Founders
Justin Ishbia - Shore Capital Partners
Steve Kaplan - University of Chicago Booth School of Business (Chicago Booth)
Christopher Killackey - Prairie Capital
Mike Kocourek - Mid Oaks Investments
Jim Macdonald - First Analysis
Rocco Martino - OceanM19
Mark McDonnell - ARCH Venture Partners
Alex Meyer - Origin Ventures
Lee Mitchell - Thoma Bravo, LLC
Bob Morgan - 50 South Capital Advisors LLC
Matt Norton - Madison Dearborn Partners
Tony Palcheck - Zebra Technology Ventures
Troy Phillips - Beecken Petty O'Keefe & Company
Jeffrey Piper - Svoboda Capital Partners
Benedict Rocchio - Baird Capital
Saurabh Sharma - Jump Capital
Jennifer Steans - Financial Investments Corporation
Jim TenBroek - Growth Catalyst Partners
Rick Tuttle - Prospect Partners
Ira Weiss - Hyde Park Venture Partners
Dana Wright - MATH Venture Partners
John Yeager - H.I.G. Whitehorse


Past Chairpersons

  Tony Palcheck
  Walter Florence
  Bob Fealy 
  Lee Mitchell 
  Darren Snyder
  Jim TenBroek  
  Ellen Carnahan 
  Danny Rosenberg
  Keith Crandell
  Keith Bank
  Robert Finkel
  Steve Beitler
  Bret R. Maxwell
  Carl Thoma
  Zebra Ventures
  Limerick Investments
  Thoma Bravo
  Prairie Capital
  Wind Point Partners  
  Machrie Enterprises 
  Sterling Partners
  ARCH Venture Partners
  KB Partners
  Prism Capital
  Dunrath Capital
  MK Capital
  Thoma Cressey Equity Partners